Thursday, August 5, 2010

Giganotosaurus & Argentinosaurus

This summer I learned about Giganotosaurus.  It was a dinosaur that stood on his back legs and he had a really really really powerful tail.  And it lived in Argentina. And the dinosaur had a really big skull and it ate lots and lots of meat. If there really were packs of Giganotosaurus then they probably ate Argentinosaurus.  This dinosaur was the largest dinosaur meat eater that ever lived.   And he had three fingers and three toes.    He had a little longer arms than the T-Rex.  And when the dinosaur stomped his feet the other plant eating dinosaurs thought there was an earth shake going on and the Gignotosaurus could see them run from a mile away and he had a real powerful nose.  This dinosaur never lived with humans.  The only dinosaurs that are alive today are birds.  And the dinosaur had strong muscles all over it's body and he never ever ever ate plants.  

The other dinosaur I have thought a lot about this summer is the Argentinosaurus.  It had four legs and a long neck and it was the biggest dinosaur to ever live.  Even it's eggs were huge.  This dinosaur was found in Argentina.  It hasn't been found any where else just Argentina.  The dinosaur had four toes on each foot and when it stomped it's big feet on the ground he left big giant foot prints.  And the dinosaur loved to eat plants it never ever ever ever ate meat.  And Agentinosaurus could really stretch it's neck very high.  If you think this dinosaur was small than you are wrong, it was huge, it's a lot bigger than you.  

Monday, June 28, 2010

Iguanadons and a few other Dinosauars

Today, I want to talk about Iguanadons.  They lived in the dinosaur desert. Iguandons had sharp beaks.  I watched a  movie where Zoologist Nigil went back in time called "Chased By Dinosaurs", a BBC video.  If like dinosaurs you should see this movie.  Iguanadons can run really fast even fast enough to get away from Gignosaurous but not all the time.  The igqunadons had three-toed feet.  And if you want to see them you gotta go to the museum with dinosaur bones like them.  And they ate plants and there was plants in the desert at that time because it was really even warmer than the deserts today.  And they had really good eye sight and they went to sleep on there tummies like humans do today.  Oh, and they have a small crest and now it's time to move on to a different dinosaur.

Now it's called the great stegosaurus.  Sometimes predators are scared of them and they run away.  Most of the time they cool off by lifting their big spikey backs up.  And most of the time they eat ferns that grow on the ground and leafs off of trees.  They use their spikey tails to knock down trees to get leafs.

Trodons:  They are the most bestest hunters of all to eat the plant eaters.  And they really really really really have sharp claws because they are so sharp but you should never touch them.  You could touch the teeth.   They have really good eye sight at night time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Kid digging on a rock with his brother future Paleontologist Kid William

Fossil Trail Tracks

"Big dinosaurs left big footprints like the Argentinosaurus and they were found in Argentina.  Now that they have died out you can still find fossils and fossil tracks of them and where they got buried.  Argentinosaurus doesn't live anymore just like T-rex and Allosaurus.  And there are dinosaurs that have not been found yet  and some dinosaurs lived in GA but not all of them.  Now I'm digging for fossils in the back yard and in rocks.

Foot print fossils show us where dinosaurs have been found in the Jurasic period and all kinds of periods.  The only plant that lived with dinosaurs are horsey tail plants and they were around with dinosaurs so you might find horsey tail plants where there are dinosaur plant eater fossil foot prints.  When dinosaurs got sick they didn't have doctors and stuff  so they just ate and ate and ate and drank water.  You might be able to find footprints in your own back yard but you have to tell your mom or your dad if you find footprints in your own back yard.  But if you find dinosaur footprints tell all the guys and girls that come to your house so that they can know there are real dinosaur footprints.  That is all the education stuff I know about dinosaurs foot prints right now."  Benton Dino Jenneman

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Triceratops Talk Ankylosaurus Talk

"Triceratops had three horns for shoving away other dinosaurs to stay save.  They ate plants. They also used their horns to fight away other triceratops.  I think they had yellow and black eyes.  They lived on the ground in big grass so they could be safe.  They had a big head with one big frill.  The frill was used to show off in front of other dinosaurs.  Triceratops had four little legs.

Now I want to talk about the Ankylosaurus....Ankylosaurs had be clubs on their tails to slap away other dinosaurs dead like like triceratops did with their horns.  They had spikey stuff on their back so they could be protected from predators except on their legs.  They lived on the ground and ate plants just like triceratops.    That's enough to talk about today. "   --- Benton Jenneman

Dinosaur & People

Dinosaurs died out before people.  They turned to bones and got buried under ground.  Palaeontologist found those bones and that's how we know about dinosaurs. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

My favorite Dinosaurs

My favorite Dinosaur is an Allosarous and a T-Rex.  They died out too.  Now that they are dead the paleontologist digs for them. They drank water and ate meat.  Both were theropods and had three toes and one thumb toe on their feet.  Allosarous had three fingers and the T-Rex had two fingers.  But they didn't use their hands much because they were small just like other theropods didn't use their hands much.  They lived when the plant eater dinosaurs were alive.  That's why they at meat. And they had a big mouth for eating.  

Dinosaurs lived for real and they turned to bones.  Some people don't believe dinosaurs were alive but that is silly.  You can dig for their bones.  --- Benton Jenneman

Benton also told us that ALL the dinosaurs once traveled through Georgia....We told him that wasn't true a only a few dinosaurs were known to roam Georgia and he let us know that all the dinosaurs walked thru Georgia but  not a lot of them died here.   Ummmph, I said....maybe your right we told him.  --- Mommy Jenneman